今日のPart5 40問 

今日のPart5 40問です。

101. Timothy Dolan will be making all strategic ------- regarding the South Africa project.
(A) decisions
(B) decide
(C) decides
(D) deciding

102. Before ------- the office tonight, make sure to submit the new health forms to the Human Resources department.
(A) leaving
(B) left
(C) leaves
(D) to leave

103. Our representatives are available by phone during business hours and offer free ------- on real estate prices.
(A) houses
(B) case
(C) advice
(D) songs

104. Towne Autocenter provides the biggest ------- of sedans and sports utility vehicles in the tri-state area.
(A) selector
(B) selection
(C) selecting
(D) selects

105. Please contact emergency services ------- if the product has been ingested or has come in contact with the eyes.
(A) timely
(B) closely
(C) immediately
(D) partially

106. The ------- blueprints called for a bathroom on the third floor, but was scrapped in the final drafting.
(A) original
(B) originally
(C) origin
(D) origins

107. Please specify ------- and detailed instructions for all employees on how to setup the network settings for their office computers.
(A) repetitive
(B) whole
(C) clear
(D) blank

108. Regardless of whether the paper is accepted, there is a $30 fee for each ------- of an article for publication review.
(A) submitted
(B) submits
(C) submit
(D) submission

109. Online Stats Now provides users ------- the tools necessary to create up-to-the-minute graphs on a wide variety of business topics.
(A) into
(B) with
(C) among
(D) beside

110. Caltrops Cat Cafe ------- opens on Sundays, however, unfortunately we will be unable to open on Sunday, September 7th.
(A) norm
(B) normally
(C) normal
(D) normality

111.Teresa Fischer has been ------- given the title of Chief Information Officer of Plesiosaur Electronics Corporation.
(A) densely
(B) officially
(C) namely
(D) collectively

112. To ensure safe operation of the EW-200 Forklift, be sure that ------- safety brake is on before turning on the engine.
(A) its
(B) there
(C) those
(D) which

113. All employees are ------- to strictly adhere to the company dress code at all times during work hours.
(A) conducted
(B) noticed
(C) expected
(D) related

114. There will be coffee and snacks available in the main lobby ------- the conference.
(A) throughout
(B) within
(C) since
(D) between

115. All participants in the workshop are asked to ------- their identification cards upon entrance to each seminar.
(A) presenting
(B) presented
(C) present
(D) presents

116. Please send all hotel guests ------- the second floor concierge desk until the renovations have been completed on the main lobby.
(A) on
(B) to
(C) as
(D) for

117. Since the cost of gasoline has risen ------- over the past year, many larger vehicles have seen declining sales.
(A) sharp
(B) sharply
(C) sharpen
(D) sharpness

118. Please ------- for our weekly newsletter, and you will receive ten percent off of your purchase.
(A) register
(B) registration
(C) registered
(D) registering

119. The ------- workshop schedule contains several timing conflicts that must be addressed before sending the final version out.
(A) interested
(B) acquainted
(C) placed
(D) proposed

120. The lead designer is going to ------- several new additions to the product line during tonight’s presentation.
(A) interfere
(B) announce
(C) level
(D) participate

121. Lola Restaurant has been ------- ranked among the top ten restaurants to visit in New York since its opening.
(A) consistent
(B) consistently
(C) consistency

122. Hotel guests will be able to choose from four ------- menu options, as well as have access to our world-class bar.
(A) different
(B) differently
(C) difference
(D) differences

123. Please double-check the addresses on all outgoing mail ------- it is given to the mailroom for delivery.
(A) such as
(B) before
(C) as much as
(D) whether

124. Palin Oppensteam’s ------- blockbuster movie release set a new sales record at the box office.
(A) recently
(B) most recent
(C) most recently
(D) more recently

125. The final edits to Dr. Guilford’s upcoming book are not ------- to be finished before the end of July.
(A) likely
(B) usual
(C) probable
(D) typical

126. The failures of the last Ruble CEO had ------- bankrupted the company.
(A) until
(B) after
(C) while
(D) almost

127. Only those applicants who are ------- for the position will be given an interview next month.
(A) qualify
(B) qualified
(C) qualifies
(D) qualifications

128. Prestron Electronics offers its entry level employees the highest ------- in the industry, since other companies pay so little.
(A) returns
(B) revenues
(C) salaries
(D) discounts

129. The ------- for Telliuride Motors’ vehicles has increased exponentially, since the company introduced a better marketing campaign.
(A) appliances
(B) materials
(C) resource
(D) demand

130. When changing the battery of your TX-200 laptop, ------- remove the old battery using a small screwdriver.
(A) carefully
(B) powerlessly
(C) relatively
(D) slightly

131. Kelvin Creations has ------- increased its market share of kitchenware products with the introduction of snap-on lids.
(A) substantiated
(B) substantially
(C) substantial
(D) substance

132. Please make any ------- of snacks and beverages before the movie begins, so as not to interrupt the film.
(A) purchases
(B) invests
(C) spends
(D) shops

133. ------- intends to participate in the September 12th workshop, please contact Donald Clayton directly before the end of this month.
(A) Whoever
(B) Anyone
(C) Everybody
(D) Someone

134. Dr. Klein expressed his ------- to the Small Business Bureau during his acceptance speech for the “Most Innovative Manager” award.
(A) exposure
(B) imitation
(C) abundance
(D) gratitude

135. The Obama administration unveiled plans Wednesday ------- methane emissions from the nation’s oil and natural-gas industry.
(A) regulates
(B) to regulate
(C) regulated
(D) will regulate

136. The Malaysian tourism agency is ------- about growth in its hotel and service industry for next year.
(A) ample
(B) impressive
(C) optimistic
(D) devoted

137. There will be a managers’ meeting next week ------- the rumored tax changes for next year.
(A) concerning
(B) usually
(C) resulting
(D) including

138. Be sure to ------- check the flow valve on your new Kleenflow water filter about once a month in order to maintain a proper flow.
(A) availably
(B) approximately
(C) routinely
(D) correctively

139. Charles Bunt, a music ------- founded Bunt Guitars in 1973 and has been the CEO ever since.
(A) enthusiasm
(B) enthusiastically
(C) enthused
(D) enthusiast

140. A fine will be ------- on any vehicles parked in the tertiary lot during the construction, so please be sure to move your car before Monday.
(A) dispensed
(B) imposed
(C) obliged
(D) summoned

01. A/A/C/B/C
06. A/C/D/B/B
11. B/A/C/A/C
16. B/B/A/D/B
21. B/A/B/B/A
26. D/B/C/D/A
31. B/A/A/D/B
36. C/A/C/D/B


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